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"To establish, acquire, construct, improve, extend, and maintain recreational parks and facilities for the benefit of all citizens."


Lake Charles Ward 3 Recreation

is funded by the wonderful citizens of Calcasieu Parish.

Ward 3 Recreation is designed to operate public parks and recreational facilities.

We take pride in providing Southwest Louisiana with the best opportunities to build a healthier lifestyle,

but most importantly, to grow as a community.


History in the making!


In 2004, a 10 year $9,000,000 General Obligation Public Improvement Bond Proposition and 10 year 4.0 Maintenance Millage Proposition was passed and District 1 of Ward 3 Recreation of Calcasieu Parish was established.

Over a 5 year period three facilities were constructed;

Enos Derbonne at Lake Street, Pryce/Miller Community Center, and the Power Centre Multi-Sports Complex.

In 2011, Ward 3 Recreation was renamed Lake Charles Ward 3 Recreation.

As of today, Ward 3 Recreation operates twelve recreational parks and facilities!


Lake Charles Ward 3 Recreation District



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